On October RecognitionAwardtoBettyAmbler5th, Betty Ambler, librarian for Connecticut DOT, received an Employee Recognition award from James Redeker, the Commissioner of Connecticut Department of Transportation. Betty says she feels “personally humbled … the pride and joy rests on my profession as a LIBRARIAN being recognized. We are fighting a war of the misconception of librarianship at large. I consider this is a victory of a battle. The war is not over yet, let us fight on!” For more, read what CTDOT had to say about her outstanding customer service.

Here are the 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda-Minutes. You can find the presentation slides and PDFs on our Members Only page. We had some terrific special guest speakers this year and a full agenda with our final closeout for the five year project. Ontime and under budget  FTW!

HS InFocus is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of librarians. The future of Library Connectivity is going to be just as busy and exciting as the past 10 years have been. We have made a real impact – we work smarter when we work together

This document spells out how current benefits, services or projects will be affected during the transition period after the current pooled fund ends (9/30/15) and before the next pooled fund begins.

What Happens During the Transition Period_rev092915

The Transportation Sustainability Guide has just been published by the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network. Great work, ETKN Librarians!

Offering innovative strategies and solutions for achieving environmental sustainability, this one-stop portal is intended for transportation practitioners in operations, planning, and management. Offering full-text articles, this guide provides information on planning along with specific modes of transportation in highway, transit/rail, maritime/port and aviation. It also lists relevant web sites for regulatory agencies and transportation organizations.

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Topic and Speakers
The Metadata Landscape and Putting Metadata to Work

Sally McCallum, Chief, Network Development/MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
10 Feb, 2015


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will be highlighting climate change adaptation and resilience work in the transportation sector through a new case studies series. The first set of these new resources are now available on FHWA’s website:http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/climate_change/adaptation/case_studies/ 

Over 100 additional case studies will be added in the coming months.

FHWA funded the development of the case studies under a cooperative agreement with the Georgetown Climate Center (GCC) and these resources will also be available through the GCC’s Adaptation Clearinghouse.