Thank you for the update, Janet Daly, Senior Abstractor at TRB for helping us improve of TRIS searches.

New preferred terms added to the TRT; terms with names that have been changed to reflect current terminology; new non-preferred terms; and, terms that were considered but declined.

New terms added:
Vulnerable road users (Mv)
Data analysis (Xbka)
Social media (Dsbc)
Walkability (Bxa)
Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Web applications (Xbkjw)

Terms with new names:
Mechanically stabilized earth (Rbmdbj) has replaced Reinforced earth
Vehicle to infrastructure communications (Dsbnu) has replaced Vehicle to roadside communications
Information processing (Xbk) has replaced Data processing

New nonpreferred terms:
Situation awareness, situational awareness USE Alertness (Mxrc)
Eco driving, Ecodriving USE Sustainable transportation (Epduts)
EV charging USE Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Thermal cracking USE Thermal degradation (Jbyt)
Naturalistic driving data USE Automatic data collection systems (Xbkcb)
Biotechnology USE Technology (Tt) (Note: Biotechnology was a preferred term that the committee demoted to non-preferred status)

Terms considered but declined:
Bicycle safety. To capture this concept, use Bicycles (Qbdhb) and Vehicle Safety (Haav) OR use Bicycling (Aexb) and Traffic Safety (Haat).
Highway administration. Use Highway Operations (Bqd) OR use Highways (Pmrccdh) and Administration (Caa). filed a FOIA request with Amtrak for a database of Amtrak Train Stations.

In response to the FOIA request, Amtrak provided the database, which is now posted at the website:

AMTRAK database of train stations, 2012

I meant to send these pics out a while ago. The library open house was a success thanks to a lot of help from my cataloger, Chris.

Of course I was so excited to see folks that it took a minute to click in my head that I should be snapping pictures. YIKES!

Chris snapped a bunch of pics too.  I may get around to sending those out but I at least wanted to share these with you guys and thank you for your support.



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A new report produced by Georgia Institute of Technology faculty for the Southeast Transportation Consortium (STC) and the Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC).


“The overall objective of this project is to synthesize the best practices for determining the value of research results in order to demonstrate the impact that the research has on transportation system features, such as safety, quality, and cost effectiveness. This synthesis presents a critical review of methods used for determining the value of transportation research. Furthermore, it is intended to identify various measures and data sources used for determining the value of research.”

Read Full report here on the LTRC website:


This year’s theme is “Lives Change @Your Library”.

We use NLW  to reach out to our stakeholders in our transportation agencies and show off our services and value to the organization. This year the pooled fund members organize their own events and have brand new TKN brochures to hand out. They look fantastic and we’re very proud of this 2014 project. Check them out!

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On April 9, 1913 Iowa’s General Assembly passed a bill to create a highway commission with it’s own governing body who oversaw local county and township road officials and worked to prepare standardized plans and specifications for all phases of highway and bridge work. Today, the Iowa DOT works with all modes of transportation to connect people across this great state. For more Iowa DOT history visit

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MnDOT Library conducted a valuation/ROI study in 2013. Final materials are available here!