We are in the Twin Cities for our 2-day meeting. Day 1 highlights:

Pooled Fund business meeting. This may or may not be a highlight, depending on your individual love of spreadsheets.

David Hedeen, MnDOT National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) Compliance Engineer. David shared a fantastic talk about the process of inspections, a timely topic (always). Bridge Inspection – David Hedeen, Sept. 18, 2013

Nancy Sims, University of Minnesota Copyright Librarian. Copyright Workshop. Nancy gave us a refresher on copyright as it applies to contracts, licenses and fair use. The second half had us break out into smaller groups to develop internal policies, documents and education programs for compliance; digital collections considerations, laws and contracts/licenses (think Creative Commons).

Later, we’re going to walk over to Minitex and Kathy Drozd will take us on a tour of MLAC.


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