“Improvement of research report distribution and access and promotion of more effective use of Technical Report Documentation page, USDOT Form 1700.7” 

The final report is here! Please read and provide us your feedback. This project and final report are on the docket for the next RAC TKN Taskforce meeting this week, Thursday, 11/6. We are pleased that the principal investigators at TransAnalytics will join us and present the project and it’s findings to the Taskforce.

Improvement Distribution and TRDP_Final Report
Instruction Sheet_Distribution of SPR Reports


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  1. Maggie Sacco @ 2015-02-20 10:40

    The is s the topic of the April 9 TLR, please join us for a lively discussion.

  2. Maggie Sacco @ 2015-02-20 10:41

    Transportation Librarians Roundtable series, hosted by the NTL and AASHTO.

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