This year’s theme is “Lives Change @Your Library”.

We use NLW  to reach out to our stakeholders in our transportation agencies and show off our services and value to the organization. This year the pooled fund members organize their own events and have brand new TKN brochures to hand out. They look fantastic and we’re very proud of this 2014 project. Check them out!

Free Poster Download!>>>


It’s National Library Week – time to show off our services and resources to our customers, patrons and clients. Whatever you call them, their information and research needs are what we’re here to serve. This week is a perfect opportunity to invite your colleagues in to the library and show your stuff!

This year’s ALA NLW theme is “Communities Matter”. In transportation, we serve communities of practice and ever-widening metropolitan and rural communities accessed by our infrastructure. We also have been growing our community of transportation libraries for several years and have made amazing progress. The more connected and sustainable our library communities are, the better we can serve our patrons. Head over to our Members Only page to access the pooled fund NLW poster files and the ALA web files we purchased.


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No.20, ISSN: 1559-0011, January 2013

Part 1 of 2: The rise of personal networks
By Andy Havens

“[People] are connecting, forming networked communities that allow them to rapidly share information and self-organize into powerful interest groups. Companies will have to be more responsive to customer needs and demands if they want to survive.”
— From
The Connected Company, by Dave Gray

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