Here are the 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda-Minutes. You can find the presentation slides and PDFs on our Members Only page. We had some terrific special guest speakers this year and a full agenda with our final closeout for the five year project. Ontime and under budget  FTW!

HS InFocus is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of librarians. The future of Library Connectivity is going to be just as busy and exciting as the past 10 years have been. We have made a real impact – we work smarter when we work together


“Improvement of research report distribution and access and promotion of more effective use of Technical Report Documentation page, USDOT Form 1700.7” 

The final report is here! Please read and provide us your feedback. This project and final report are on the docket for the next RAC TKN Taskforce meeting this week, Thursday, 11/6. We are pleased that the principal investigators at TransAnalytics will join us and present the project and it’s findings to the Taskforce.

Improvement Distribution and TRDP_Final Report
Instruction Sheet_Distribution of SPR Reports

As part of their technology transfer mandate the Nevada DOT Research Division has launched their new Research Blog!  Here you will find news about their program, including links to the latest research reports.

, , , filed a FOIA request with Amtrak for a database of Amtrak Train Stations.

In response to the FOIA request, Amtrak provided the database, which is now posted at the website:

AMTRAK database of train stations, 2012

I meant to send these pics out a while ago. The library open house was a success thanks to a lot of help from my cataloger, Chris.

Of course I was so excited to see folks that it took a minute to click in my head that I should be snapping pictures. YIKES!

Chris snapped a bunch of pics too.  I may get around to sending those out but I at least wanted to share these with you guys and thank you for your support.



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This year’s theme is “Lives Change @Your Library”.

We use NLW  to reach out to our stakeholders in our transportation agencies and show off our services and value to the organization. This year the pooled fund members organize their own events and have brand new TKN brochures to hand out. They look fantastic and we’re very proud of this 2014 project. Check them out!

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On April 9, 1913 Iowa’s General Assembly passed a bill to create a highway commission with it’s own governing body who oversaw local county and township road officials and worked to prepare standardized plans and specifications for all phases of highway and bridge work. Today, the Iowa DOT works with all modes of transportation to connect people across this great state. For more Iowa DOT history visit

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