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AASHTO | Nation at a Crossroads.

Here is an interesting article on publishers, researchers and copyright – from a librarian’s perspective.  It’s pretty funny, definitely contains a hint of snark, but it’s packed with facts on what happens when you sign away your rights to your research. This isn’t only a warning to academics and universities, it’s pertinent information for all researchers.

When You Give Your Copyright Away


AASHTO is 99 years old today! The pooled fund is proud to have the AASHTO Library as a partner and our esteemed colleague, Bob Cullen as an ex officio TAC member.

Have a look at their website as they prepare for the centennial in 2014.

AASHTO 100th Anniversary Website.

Our trial subscription to Techstreet is underway! Pooled fund members should use it early and often. We all need better, more affordable access to standards and the pooled fund is trying to secure a group subscription to make this possible. We just concluded our 45 day trial to IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire. Let’s see what Techstreet has to offer!

Go to the Members Only page for the login and password.

Did you tune in? No problem — here’s the replay from IHS and SLA. Our trial continues through November. Next up, Techstreet.

Learn more about IHS Standards Expert and Goldfire.

In today’s EOS webinar,  entitled “Communicating the Value of Your Special Library”,  presenter Joseph R. Matthews gave our latest publication a shout out! Actually, he talked it up a bit.

Mr. Matthews discussed A.J., Sheila and Roberto’s excellent report “Proving Your Library’s Value: a Toolkit for Transportation Librarians“, produced and published by the Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund.

He mentioned it as an excellent report that can be used for any type of library and that everyone should download it, so please – do! You can use the link above or on the sidebar. He also used the cover graphic in another one of his slides to illustrate a point (yay shu shu design!)

Our three authors deserve kudos and gratitude for their exemplary work in researching and creating “what is…already a standard work in the area of modern library valuation for all libraries” (quote – John Cherney).

The webinar can be viewed here.


Last month, the Center for Transportation Studies and the MnDOT Library hosted the joint annual meetings of the Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund Study TPF-5(237), the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network (MTKN), and the Western Transportation Knowledge Network (WTKN). Librarians from fourteen state DOTs, several universities, the Portland Cement Association, and the National Transportation Library met on the University of Minnesota campus and at MnDOT’s Central Office building, with some members attending portions of the meetings remotely. Read more and see pics here.