We’ve been talking about this for a while. OCLC calls this “collective collections”:

…the shift from local provisioning of library collections and services to increased reliance on cooperative infrastructure, collective collections, shared technology platforms, and “above-the-institution” management strategies.

OCLC Research work analyzing system-wide print library services and collections documented in new report.

In today’s EOS webinar,  entitled “Communicating the Value of Your Special Library”,  presenter Joseph R. Matthews gave our latest publication a shout out! Actually, he talked it up a bit.

Mr. Matthews discussed A.J., Sheila and Roberto’s excellent report “Proving Your Library’s Value: a Toolkit for Transportation Librarians“, produced and published by the Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund.

He mentioned it as an excellent report that can be used for any type of library and that everyone should download it, so please – do! You can use the link above or on the sidebar. He also used the cover graphic in another one of his slides to illustrate a point (yay shu shu design!)

Our three authors deserve kudos and gratitude for their exemplary work in researching and creating “what is…already a standard work in the area of modern library valuation for all libraries” (quote – John Cherney).

The webinar can be viewed here.



IPSWICH, Mass. — February 5, 2013 — EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has released EngineeringCore and ITCore, two e-book subscription collections designed to support the learning and reference needs of engineering and technology professionals. The collections are available as annual subscriptions that give users unlimited access to all titles.

“Customers have the ability to add individual titles to their collections on a permanent basis, giving them the flexibility they need to assemble their optimal collection.”

EngineeringCore provides professionals with an easy way to access e-books specific to their research and learning needs. The collection offers more than 4,200 e-book titles spanning all major engineering disciplines and covering top subjects such as biotechnology, energy sciences, industrial safety, innovation & technological advancement, materials, optics & photonics, robotics and more.  Read all about it here.

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The Transportation Library Connectivity & Development Pooled Fund Study is thrilled to announce the publication of Proving Your Library’s Value: a Toolkit for Librarians!

The Toolkit is available to help you define and communicate the value that your library brings to the parent organization. Authors A.J. Million (Univ. Missouri), Sheila M. Hatchell (Mn/DOT) and Roberto A. Sarmiento (Northwestern Univ. Transportation Library) have developed this toolkit to assist transportation librarians in identifying and articulating the low-cost, high return of library services.

The PDF is available for download here.  Please contact Kirsten Seeber if you would like a print copy.

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