Our subscription to LibGuides is ready for action! Please log on to your account at http://libraryconnectivity.libguides.com/

I would like to see each of our libraries create their own or collaborate on a guide. We can create as many guides as we want. So that means we can have individual library guides, subject guides, regional guides, etc. Your guide can be customized for your library with your own banner and there are some great bells and whistles included in our subscription. I will be working on the code for a system-wide footer that tells everyone that the pooled fund made these guides possible for it’s members.

Let’s get to work and get some real value out of this for our patrons (and make our jobs easier)!

Our trial subscription to Techstreet is underway! Pooled fund members should use it early and often. We all need better, more affordable access to standards and the pooled fund is trying to secure a group subscription to make this possible. We just concluded our 45 day trial to IHS Standards Expert with Goldfire. Let’s see what Techstreet has to offer!

Go to the Members Only page for the login and password.

Did you tune in? No problem — here’s the replay from IHS and SLA. Our trial continues through November. Next up, Techstreet.

Learn more about IHS Standards Expert and Goldfire.

At the annual meeting, our MnDOT members told us about Soundview Book Summaries, issued monthly on DVD.  MnDOT subscribes to the premium audio edition.

Each issue includes 3-4 summaries on topics such as management, leadership, economic trends, innovation, and career & self-development.  Please go to the Members Only page to see a sample edition.

Further information can be found on their website:  http://www.summary.com/

UPDATE: We have extended the trial through National Library Week! It will end April 19th.

We have a free trial to EBSCO Ebooks Engineering Core through March 31. Please use it,  put it through the paces, kick the tires — and promote it throughout your departments! (EngineeringCore Flyer (PDF))

The trial is accessed through a unique link and it’s in the Members Only section along with the PPT from the demo and the titles list.

eBook EngineeringCore Collection

This subscription collection contains nearly 4,300 titles covering general engineering topics such as: biotechnology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, energy sciences, industrial safety, materials, optics and photonics, project management, robotics, etc.

EngineeringCore contains titles from top book publishers, including Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons, Artech House, ASM International, Institution of Engineering & Technology, and more.

With EngineeringCore, professional users can broaden their knowledge of the engineering industry to support future decision making, facilitate product design, and implement industry best practices. The collection provides unlimited downloads during the subscription period and aligns with other EBSCOhost database and eBook content. Updates are made on a monthly basis to remove outdated versions and add newly acquired content, all at no additional cost.

EBSCO Publishing also offers 10 perpetual collections that serve as optional companions to EngineeringCore, designed to provide even more information pertaining to particular engineering tracks. Each collection contains 80 titles, with the best publishers and most current titles for purchase.

EngineeringCore Flyer (PDF)


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Who wants in on an RDA Toolkit Subscription? We have been offered a consortium discount schedule ranging from 5%-15% discount, depending on the number of members who opt in. It’s very cost effective to begin with at $195 per library, with a host of options to suit our needs. After looking at the pricing options, I think Option #2 fits us best and gives us a %10 discount and ALA has agreed to give us a single invoice and the ability to administer the group account with a single username and password, which is usually reserved for Option 3 (saving us $325!). RDA Tooklit Pricing – 3 options explained. **Please indicate your participation in the group subscription in this poll.

Access to AACR2 via Cataloger’s Desktop after March 31, 2013

In January 2012 the Library of Congress announced that it would transition from AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition) to RDA (Resource Description and Access) on March 31, 2013. AACR2 is currently available via LC’s web-based cataloging documentation subscription service, Cataloger’s Desktop, as well as through RDA Toolkit. In keeping with LC’s decision to switch from AACR2 to RDA, Cataloger’s Desktop will simultaneously change how access to AACR2 is provided.

On April 1, 2013, if you subscribe to both Cataloger’s Desktop and RDA Toolkit (which includes an online version of AACR2), you will continue to have access to AACR2. If you subscribe to Cataloger’s Desktop but not to RDA Toolkit and want online access to AACR2, you will need to establish an RDA Toolkit subscription at http://www.rdatoolkit.org/ .