As part of their technology transfer mandate the Nevada DOT Research Division has launched their new Research Blog!  Here you will find news about their program, including links to the latest research reports.

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Our subscription to LibGuides is ready for action! Please log on to your account at

I would like to see each of our libraries create their own or collaborate on a guide. We can create as many guides as we want. So that means we can have individual library guides, subject guides, regional guides, etc. Your guide can be customized for your library with your own banner and there are some great bells and whistles included in our subscription. I will be working on the code for a system-wide footer that tells everyone that the pooled fund made these guides possible for it’s members.

Let’s get to work and get some real value out of this for our patrons (and make our jobs easier)!

Calling all Transportation Information Professionals! We have a project that needs your expertise. Our Technical Advisory Committee would like to see some technical report issues resolved and approved this project as an activity that will facilitate tech transfer.

Project title:

Improvement of research report distribution and access and promotion of more effective use of Technical Report Documentation page, USDOT Form 1700.7

Questions must be received by August 5th. We will respond directly and a list of Q&As will appear as received in this post.

All proposals must be received by the close of business (5:00 PM EDT) on August 9, 2013.