Thank you for the update, Janet Daly, Senior Abstractor at TRB for helping us improve of TRIS searches.

New preferred terms added to the TRT; terms with names that have been changed to reflect current terminology; new non-preferred terms; and, terms that were considered but declined.

New terms added:
Vulnerable road users (Mv)
Data analysis (Xbka)
Social media (Dsbc)
Walkability (Bxa)
Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Web applications (Xbkjw)

Terms with new names:
Mechanically stabilized earth (Rbmdbj) has replaced Reinforced earth
Vehicle to infrastructure communications (Dsbnu) has replaced Vehicle to roadside communications
Information processing (Xbk) has replaced Data processing

New nonpreferred terms:
Situation awareness, situational awareness USE Alertness (Mxrc)
Eco driving, Ecodriving USE Sustainable transportation (Epduts)
EV charging USE Electric vehicle charging (Fmvrc)
Thermal cracking USE Thermal degradation (Jbyt)
Naturalistic driving data USE Automatic data collection systems (Xbkcb)
Biotechnology USE Technology (Tt) (Note: Biotechnology was a preferred term that the committee demoted to non-preferred status)

Terms considered but declined:
Bicycle safety. To capture this concept, use Bicycles (Qbdhb) and Vehicle Safety (Haav) OR use Bicycling (Aexb) and Traffic Safety (Haat).
Highway administration. Use Highway Operations (Bqd) OR use Highways (Pmrccdh) and Administration (Caa).

TRB Webinar: Learning about and Using the Updated TRID Interface

TRB will conduct a webinar on February 20, 2013, from 2 p.m.- 3 p.m. ET that will provide users of TRB’s TRID Database with information about navigating with an updated interface and new search functions. Participants must register in advance of the webinar, there are no professional credits associated with this webinar, and there is no fee to register for this webinar.

In January 2013, TRB released an updated interface for the TRID Database and added search functions such as drop down lists for selecting search terms, searching by first and last names, and searching for more than one TRB subject area all helping to provide users with more powerful search functions.

TRID, released in 2011, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive bibliographic resource on transportation research information.   It is produced and maintained by TRB with sponsorship by state departments of transportation, the various administrations at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other sponsors of TRB’s core technical activities.  The TRID Database is a leading tool for transportation professionals to stay updated on world-wide transportation research covering all modes and disciplines.  It contains more than one million references to books, technical reports, conference proceedings, and journal articles in the field of transportation research as well as more than 73,000 links to free or fee-based full-text publications.

The first 30 minutes of the webinar will feature information from the presenter and the final 30 minutes is reserved for audience questions.

Webinar Presenter: Lisa Loyo, Transportation Research Board
Moderated by: Lisa Berardi Marflak, Transportation Research Board

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to perform a search of the TRID Database.
  • Learn how to perform a search using the advanced options to narrow or expand a search.
  • Learn how to use new functions including searching by first and last name.
  • Understand the type of content included in the TRID Database.
  • Learn how to submit publications to TRID for inclusion in the Database.

To ensure that you receive notices about upcoming webinars, please subscribe to the TRB Transportation Research E-Newsletter.

Registration information:
There is no fee to register for this webinar. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Registration questions? Contact Reggie Gillum at

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Thanks to Lisa Loyo for sharing this great news!

TRB is pleased to announce that TRID, the TRIS and ITRD Database, reached one million records in late 2012!  This landmark had been decades in the making.  TRB’s TRIS Database, which is the predecessor to TRID, started as a paper-based system in 1932, then in a mainframe environment in the 1960s, and to a web environment in the 2000s. Since TRID’s launch at the 2011 TRB 90th Annual Meeting, it has received more than three million visits.

TRID’s one millionth record references TCRP Legal Research Digest 40: Legal Issues Involving Surety for Public Transportation Projects.

TRID is an integrated database that combines the records from TRB’s Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database, the OECD’s Joint Transport Research Centre’s International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD) Database and ARRB Group’s Australian Transport Index (ATRI) Database. TRID also receives bibliographic records from major university transportation libraries, known as TLIB.

TRID covers all modes and disciplines of transportation and provides access to more than 1,002,000 records of transportation research worldwide.  More than 90,000 records contain links to free or fee-based full-text documents.


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