On October RecognitionAwardtoBettyAmbler5th, Betty Ambler, librarian for Connecticut DOT, received an Employee Recognition award from James Redeker, the Commissioner of Connecticut Department of Transportation. Betty says she feels “personally humbled … the pride and joy rests on my profession as a LIBRARIAN being recognized. We are fighting a war of the misconception of librarianship at large. I consider this is a victory of a battle. The war is not over yet, let us fight on!” For more, read what CTDOT had to say about her outstanding customer service.

This document spells out how current benefits, services or projects will be affected during the transition period after the current pooled fund ends (9/30/15) and before the next pooled fund begins.

What Happens During the Transition Period_rev092915

An Emergency Response Guide has just been published by the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network.

 The Extreme Event Preparedness and Response for Operations Guide is a LibGuide  to resources in emergency transportation operations. It offers best practices in emergency preparedness and response for first-responders, planners, managers, and policy makers at federal, state, and local levels.

This portal offers full-text articles. It is  user friendly with tabs for Planning and Preparation, Response, Evacuations, Extreme Events, and Agency Websites.  The LibGuide is published through funding by the FHWA’s  Transportation Library Connectivity and Development Pooled Fund.

Transportation practitioners can access this resource at URL: http://guides.libraryconnectivity.org/emergencyresponse


Our 2013 annual meeting in the Twin Cities was a great event, full of learning opportunities for all of us. We attended to our annual business meeting throughout the day and a half meeting and mixed in planning for 2014, a copyright workshop and a visit from the  MnDOT NBIS Compliance Engineer. You can find the agenda and presentations here.

We are hugely grateful to our MN members at MnDOT and CTS for co-hosting this year’s joint annual meetings with MTKN and WTKN. Your gracious welcome and incredible hospitality made for truly valuable experiences for all.



I am. Kenn Bicknell and Matt Barret from LA Metro both used Prezi for their visuals at GTRIC this morning. I really like the look and the fact that it’s online and free. I’m going to start playing with this shiny new toy, and I encourage our members to give it a try, providing your IT departments will let it through the firewall.


Matthew Barrett from Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is telling us about their experience with public-private partnerships. The good, the bad and the ugly.