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How to Participate

Now in its third year, the Transportation Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Study is an open, cooperative research effort aimed at developing new and better ways to serve customers in state departments of transportation and related organizations. The study combines a high level of interaction among Technical Advisory Committee members with consultant services focused on accomplishing specific tasks each year. An expanding membership will help maintain and strengthen this ongoing commitment to library and information services for transportation practitioners.

Join today!

All transportation organizations are welcome: state DOTs, university transportation centers, consulting engineering companies, contractor associations, etc. State DOTs may use 100% federal funds to contribute to the Library Connectivity study.

Financial participation in the pooled fund study has a big impact. One contribution leverages additional research funding to address national and international library and information challenges for the transportation sector.

To make your financial commitment to the study for federal fiscal years 2008 and 2009, visit the Library Connectivity study on the Transportation Pooled Fund Web site at TPF-5(105) and contact ann.pahnke@dot.state.wi.us.

Member Benefits

As a member of the study, your organization’s Technical Advisory Committee representative will receive the following benefits, depending on the support level chosen:

Supporting members, at $5,000 per year:

Full members, at $10,000 and above per year:

Receive the same benefits as supporting members, plus

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