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Annual Meetings/Webinars

"Librarians as Change Agents: adding value, doing more with less, and performing other superhuman feats". Mary Ellen Bates presentation. (PDF, 659 KB)

Librarians as Change Agents. Presentation and Q&A at the 2009 Annual Meeting/Webinar. September 17, 2009. Mary Ellen Bates, presenter. (Streaming video, 1:07:22, Adobe Flash plug-in required)

Outsell Webinars

Smart Marketing Strategies: Library Marketing & Promotions. Transportation Librarians Roundtable, July 10, 2008. Roger Strousse, presenter. PDF (238 KB)

The Outsell Perspective: Engaging Key Stakeholders & Funders. Presented by the pooled fund, August 22, 2008. Cindy Hill, presenter. (PDF, 820 KB)

Reports and Resources

Kansas Department of Transportation Records and Workflow
Management Report (2006)
(PDF 1.8 MB)

Outsell, Inc. End-User Update 2008: New Findings from Outsell’s User Profile Research. Information Management Service Briefing, Vol. 11, 2008. (PDF, 201 KB)

Outsell, Inc. What Executives Think About Information Management. Information Management Service Briefing, Vol. 11, 2008. PDF (225 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Information Management Best Practices: Toolkit - Developing an IM Strategy. InfoAboutInfo Briefing, Vol. 10, 2007. (PDF, 225 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Information Management Under Fire: Measuring ROI for Enterprise Libraries. Information Management Services Briefing, Vol. 10, 2007. (PDF, 171 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Information Management Best Practices: Toolkit - Writing Effective Management Reports. InfoAboutInfo Briefing, Vol. 9, 2006. (PDF, 217 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Information Management Best Practices: Metrics That Matter. InfoAboutInfo Briefing, Vol. 8, 2005. (PDF, 405 KB)

Outsell, Inc. TrendAlert: Defining Target User Markets (2005). InfoAboutInfo Briefing, Vol.8 (PDF, 89 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Information Content Management Best Practices: The Third “P” – Promoting Your Information Center (2003). Information About Information Briefing, 25(6). (PDF, 359 KB)

Outsell, Inc. TrendAlert: The Stakeholder Management Mandate. Information About Information Briefing, Vol. 5, No. 51, 2002. PDF (300 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Crunching the Numbers: Calculating an ROI Statement. Excerpted from: Outsell briefing: “The Value of Libraries: Justifying Corporate Information Centers in the Year of Accountability, April 23, 2001. (Word Document, 34 KB)

Outsell, Inc. Strategic Management and Metrics Self-Study. (Word Document, 54 KB)


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