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USDOT Secretary LaHood's message to the National Infrastructure Forum


Pooled Fund Librarians to Present at 2010 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Forum
John Cherney (WisDOT) and Hank Zaletel (Iowa DOT) will make a presentation on MTKN at the 2010 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Forum in Madison, Wisconsin, August 19-20, 2010. John and Hank's presentation is part of a Transportation Information Systems session on August 19th.

July Transportation Librarians Roundtable
July 08, 2010 Transportation Librarians Roundtable: “Open Discussion Session: What do you want to talk about?”
Watch/listen to the recorded session.


June Transportation Librarians Roundtable
If you missed June's Transportation Librarians Roundtables (TLR), the recording and slides are available on the TLR website. June 10, 2010: "State Stats: Refreshing Reference With Drupal", presented by A.J. Million, MoDOT Transportation Library. Great job A.J.!
Don't forget to check the upcoming TLR topics: http://ntl.bts.gov/networking/roundtable.html

Second Annual National TKN Meeting
The NTL convened the second annual NTKN meeting in New Orleans on June 17, 2010 following the close of the 2010 SLA Annual Meeting & Conference. It was a great meeting with lively, productive discussions. Meeting Materials & Resources are available at www.transportationresearch.gov

Pooled Fund Provides Travel Funds to SLA & NTKN
This year's pooled fund SLA/GTRIC/NTKN attendance had a big impact on overall attendance at our transportation meetings. There were 18 pooled fund members at GTRIC this year. The total pooled fund attendance at SLA was 21, and 19 members attended the NTKN meeting. Without pooled funds, some of our TKN chairs, Transportation Division officers and presenters may not have been able to participate as attendees or presenters. Presenters included John Cherney (WisDOT), A.J. Million (MoDOT)and Sandy Brady (LTRC/TTEC Library). Transportation Division officers from the pooled fund are John Cherney, chair-elect, A.J. Million, secretary, Jane Minotti (NYDOT), treasurer and Sheila Hatchell (MnDOT), chair-elect. Fantastic programming, presentations and participation - great job everyone!

Directory of Libraries and Transportation Information Centers

This directory is a collaborative effort of NTL, NCHRP 20-75A Team, SLA-TD, Regional TKNs and Pooled Fund Study Members. It is intended to be the most current and comprehensive directory of its type and will grow over time as new entries are added and enhanced. In it you will find contact information, staffing levels, Web addresses and TKN affiliations. Users can limit entries by type such as State DOT, Private firm, MPO/Planning Agency, etc. It is hoped that future efforts will broaden the scope to include international listings.

The next Transportation Librarians Roundtable (TLR) is scheduled for this Thursday, June 10, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (1:00 p.m. Central, 12:00 noon Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Pacific). Pooled fund member A.J. Million of the Missouri Department of Transportation Library will be giving a presentation entitled “State Stats: Refreshing Reference with Drupal.” To participate this Thursday, please access the following web site: http://fhwa.acrobat.com/translibrarian

The Second Annual National TKN Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17, from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Eastern in New Orleans, LA. Please click here for meeting information and the agenda.

The pooled fund is pleased to be sending many of its members to the 2010 SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in New Orleans from June 13-16. This conference is the most important meeting of special librarians each year. Our members will attend the Government Transportation Research Information Committee (GTRIC) meeting and have many fantasitc professional development and networking opportunities at the conference.  Please see the Transportation Division wiki for current news on Transportation-related sessions and events.

NTL debuts a new search tool for its transportation collections on June 1, 2010. Try it now!


Nevada DOT joins WTKN
The WTKN welcomes new member Nevada DOT to its growing membership. We are all looking forward to working with librarian Sena Loyd on regional and national TKN projects and ongoing efforts.


Open Government, Transportation & Social Media
U.S. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood is using social media to reach out to the public on various transportation topics of interest. If you haven't seen these yet, check them out!

Fast Lane: the official blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Twitter - Secretary Ray LaHood
Facebook - Ray LaHood
Flickr - Ray LaHood's Photostream
YouTube - US DOT's channel


National TKN Resource Sharing Pilot Project Ends
The National TKN Resource Sharing pilot officially ended on 3/31/10 and the FedEx is now closed. Please enter your final metrics at www.transportationresearch.gov for March 2010 and any other months missed by 4/23/10. NTL will send a final report of the project to the pooled fund study in mid-May, 2010 and it will be available in the fall as part of the pooled fund Year Five Report. The project data will remain available at www.transportationresearch.gov.

SLA Registration
Early bird registration ends Friday, April 9th! If you have travel approval, please get your registration form in! See the SLA online conference planner. The NTKN 2nd Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17th. This is the day after the close of SLA 2010. Please plan on being at this important meeting!

The TKN Resource Sharing Pilot Project ends
The pilot officially ended on March 31, 2010 and the FedEx account is now closed. Please enter your March metrics (and any months you may have missed) at www.transportationresearch.gov by 4/23/10. A final report will be submitted by NTL by mid-May.


USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood appeared on MTV's "Buried Life". Follow Secretary LaHood's Twitter feed: RayLahood

Transfer of Historical ASTM Standards from Washington State Library to FHWA Research Library

TPF-5(105) partnered with the Washington State Library and the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center to preserve historical ASTM standards volumes (1939-1999) that were being withdrawn by the Washington State Library. Pooled fund member Kathy Szolomayer of the Washington State DOT library submitted this as a special project for the pooled fund. Many thanks to Kathy for organizing and facilitating the shipment of volumes across the country, to Rebecca Christie at WSL for alerting us to the need to preserve the standards, and to Jennifer Boteler and her staff at FHWA for cataloging (OCLC) and making the standards available to the transportation community.


ETKN is holding elections for 2010 officers. Nominees are Lynn Matis (State Transportation Library of Massachusetts) for VP and Stardina Wyche (Georgia DOT) for Secretary.

The 89th Annual TRB Meeting was attended by pooled fund members John Cherney, Marie Manthe and Hank Zaletel. John was a presenter at "Information Analytics: New Opportunities for Improving Information for Transportation Decision Makers". Marie and Hank presented posters at the LIST Committee's "Innovative Applications of Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies in Transportation Research and Communication", informing attendees of KDOT's KTOC online community and Iowa DOT's Historical Digital Archives.

2010 WTKN Officers are Kendra Levine (UC-Berkeley ITS) Chair, and Louise Rosenzweig (UT-Austin CTR) as Chair-elect. Congratulations and we look forward to a successful and collaborative year ahead!


John Stewart interviews Transportation Secretary LaHood about improving infrastructure, creating jobs and high speed rail on The Daily Show December 15, 2009.

Warmest congratulations to both Sheila Hatchell and A.J. Million for their nominations as the two newest SLA Transportation Division Board members.
The pooled fund is well represented on the 2010 Transportation Division Board:

Chair - Arlene Mathison, University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies (2010)
Chair-Elect - John Cherney, Wisconsin Dept of Transportation (2010)
Treasurer - Jane Minotti, New York State Dept of Transportation (2009-2010)
Secretary - Anthony Million, Missouri Dept of Transportation (2010-2011)
Past Chair - Rita Evans, University of California, Berkeley (2010)
Chair-Elect-Elect - Sheila Hatchell, Minnesota Dept of Transportation (2010)

WTKN is holding elections for Chair and Chair-elect for 2010. On the ballot this year are Kendra Levine (UC-Berkeley ITS) for Chair, and Louise Rosenzweig (UT-Austin CTR) for Chair-elect.


A mini peer exchange was held November 16-17, 2009 at the Mn/DOT and WisDOT libraries. Zona Kahkonen Keppler (Ohio DOT), Sandy Brady (Louisiana DOT LTRC) and Alexandra Briseno (Michigan DOT), and Maggie Sacco were hosted by Sheila Hatchell and her staff at Mn/DOT and John Cherney at WisDOT. The participants toured the libraries and discussed agenda topics such as how to communicate the value of library services and strategies for providing value-added services to library customers. A full report is coming soon.


Maggie visited librarian Betty Amber at the ConnDOT library on October 28, 2009. After a library tour, Betty introduced Maggie to the Traffic Operations staff who showed how they monitor and notify the public about road conditions with cameras and technology.

Start planning your attendance at the 89th Annual TRB Conference in DC, January 10-14, 2010.


Inez Adele Hopkins and Ned Parrish hosted Maggie during her site visit to Idaho Transportation Department on September 30th. Please stay tuned for the site visit report. If you would like to read past reports, visit the Members & Partners page.

Maggie visited with A.J. Million and the folks from MoDOT in Jefferson City on September 28th. Site visit report coming soon.

The 2009 annual meeting was a success. We thank chair Ann Pahnke, all of TAC members and Mary Ellen Bates for her participation. On to 2010!

We are pleased to announce the completion of the Transportation Librarian's Toolkit, 2nd edition. New content includes Data Management, Web 2.0, updated Space Planning content and many new examples of our member libraries' best practices.

The pooled fund is pleased to welcome New Mexico DOT as our newest member. Librarian Krystyna Cherry will serve as the Technical Advisory Committee member for her state. Welcome aboard Krys - we're glad to have you with us!

The 2009 TPF-5(105) Annual Meeting was held on 9/17/09. We convened online via Web conference and welcomed guest speaker Mary Ellen Bates to lead a session on "Librarians as Change Agents" where we learned of the many ways to provide value-added services to our customers. We conducted our year end business meeting and reviewed the 2009 annual report and Transportation Librarian's Toolkit, 2nd ed. (coming soon). Thanks to Mary Ellen and all of our members for helping us wrap up FFY2009 with a great meeting. On to FFY2010!

August 2009

Please mark your calendars for our annual meeting on September 17, 2009. This year we will convene in a Web conference from 10am-1pm CDT. Our annual meeting marks the end of FFY 2009 and the start of FFY 2010 - our 5th year of supporting transportation libraries. Details coming soon!

The US DOT Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse is a great resource for librarians. Our members and partners from the TKNs and the AASHTO RAC TKN Task Force have contributed to the development of the clearinghouse by submitting valuable information sources in the development of this new research tool.

July 2009

The National Transportation Library hosted the first Joint TKN meeting at the US DOT headquarters in Washington, DC on June 18, 2009. This landmark meeting brought members of the three regional TKNs together for face-to-face meetings and to develop a National TKN identity and select projects and priorities for the network.

June 2009

SLA Tran 7 was launched on June 14th. The first 50 registrants who complete the 7 things (Web 2.0) get a prize!

Have you seen the SLA Transportation Division Wiki? Division members can post and keep up with developments in transportation information and libraries.

The first Joint TKN meeting will be held at the US DOT in Washington, DC on June 18. See you there or see you online at http://fhwa.acrobat.com/translibrarian. Agenda.

Countdown to SLA 100th Annual Conference June 14-17, 2009 in DC! Check out the SLA wiki with the Transportation Division program. Unable to attend? Keep up with what's happening with the SLA Virtual Conference Initiative.

The Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network has launched their new web site. Please visit and see pooled fund member-ETKN chair-Webmaster Sandy Brady's excellent design and content!

May 2009

Kendra Levine created Mashtrans, a web site that looks at transportation information exchange through the Web 2.0 lens. See Kendra's TRB poster on Mashtrans, and visit Mashtrans on the Web to learn more.

The March-April 2009 edition of TRNews features articles about libraries and information in transportation. Some of our members' success stories are featured in a sidebar as well as articles about libraries in the digital age, the evolution of TRIS, why agencies should support libraries, TKNs and more!

Rita Evans presented a poster at TRB demonstrating the Many Eyes visualization system in use at UC Berkeley ITS. See it here.

Lance Warren is an Embedded Librarian in the FHWA Exploratory Advanced Research program. Learn more from Lance's TRB poster about the EAR program (146.7 MB).

February 2009

Amanda J. Wilson, NTL Director and Maggie Sacco, pooled fund Consulting Librarian collaborated on a poster for the "Developments and Innovations in Transportation Libraries and Information Services" poster session at TRB. Amanda and Maggie presented their poster, The National Transportation Knowledge Network, an illustration of how far we have come, where we are now, and where we are going with the NTKN in the future.

WisDOT Head Libraran, John Cherney authored and presented a fantastic poster at the 2009 TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. His poster, Creating an Information Commons on a Budget clearly illustrated that space and functionality can be enhanced with creative design ideas and making library and information services front and center in a DOT library.

The pooled fund organized a poster session at the 2009 TRB meeting, "Developments and Innovations in Transportation Libraries and Information Services". The LIST Committee sponsored the session, which had 8 spectacular posters presented by authors from DOTs, federal agencies and UTC libraries. The first poster we would like to highlight from the session is The Transportation Librarians' Toolkit. A product of the pooled fund study, the Toolkit has been useful to new and experienced transportation librarians alike. Maggie Sacco authored and presented the poster at TRB.

January 2009

Poster Session 251- Developments and Innovations in Transportation Libraries and Information Services will be on Monday, January 12, 2009 at the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Please stop by and meet the authors from 9 am -12 pm in the Hilton International Ballroom.

December 2008

Janet Coles has joined Caltrans as the new Supervising Librarian. We look forward to working with Janet and congratulate her on her new job!

November 2008

Zona Kahkonen Keppler is the new Ohio DOT librarian and our newest TAC member. We welcome her and congratulate her on her new position at ODOT.

October 2008

Connecticut DOT has joined the pooled fund! Please welcome librarian and new TAC member Betty Ambler.

The 4th Annual Pooled Fund Meeting & Conference was a great success. Most members were able to attend and we had great presentations and lively discussions. See the presentations on the Annual Meetings page.

September 2008

Welcome ConnDOT! Our newest Technical Advisory Committee member is Betty Ambler, Librarian at ConnDOT. We are so pleased to be working with Connecticut as we plan our work for FY09.

Transportation Library Connectivity 4th Annual Meeting & Conference
October 21-23, 2008 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Louisiana Transportation Research Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Transportation Library Connectivity pooled fund welcomes its members and guests to our 4th Annual Meeting & Conference October 21-23 at the Louisiana Transportation Research Center. Our program this year will highlight strategic planning for libraries and Transportation Knowledge Networks.


Register for the Conference

August 2008
August 22, 2008
11 AM-12 PM PT; 1-2 PM CT; 2-3 PM ET
TOPIC: Engaging Key Stakeholders & Funders
SPEAKER: Cindy Hill from Outsell, Inc. Cindy's bio.
URL: https://www.webmeeting.att.com
Webinar Meeting Number: 8773361829
Access Code: 6687863
Audio Call-in number: 1-877-336-1829
Audio Access Code: 6687863

We need you at TRB 2009! The LIST Committee is sponsoring a poster session, "Developments and Innovations in Transportation Libraries and Information Services." Now is the time to show the world's largest gathering of transportation professionals that partnering with libraries is the way of the future. The deadline is August 28th - all we need is an abstract for consideration. TRB's Guidelines for poster proposals

The Arizona Transportation Research Center/Arizona DOT has joined the pooled fund for FFY 09 - We are pleased to welcome another WTKN member library to our group.

July 2008
Transportation Librarian's Toolkit Workshop
July 30, 1:00-2:00 PM CDT
URL: https://www.webmeeting.att.com
Webinar Meeting Number: 8773361829
Access Code: 6687863
Audio Call-in number: 1-877-336-1829
Audio Access Code: 6687863

The pooled fund had a booth at the 2008 AASHTO RAC meeting in Portland, ME, July 14-18. Maggie, Pat, Amanda, and Sandy B. were there to attend the first face-to-face Special Task Force on TKNs. It was a great opportunity talk with research managers about the benefits of membership and the exciting projects we have going on. Check out our first booth!

SLA 2008 GTRIC presentations are available here.

We are delighted to welcome our newest member, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority. Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive Administrator Matt Barrett has been a supporter of the pooled fund since we started our work. We're glad to have him on board!

Barbara Post, Director of the Transportation Research Board Library has joined the pooled fund as a partner and Ex Officio TAC member. We look forward to working with another prominent member of the transportation information and library community. Welcome Barbara!

Bonnie Osif receives 2008 SLA Transportation Division Professional Achievement Award
Congratulations Bonnie!

SLA Takes Out Full Page Ad in Wall Street Journal
Click here to see the full page WSJ ad sponsored by Dow Jones. Many thanks to SLA for their ongoing effort to raise awareness about the importance of our profession!

SLA Centennial Stamps
SLA has created First Class postage stamps to celebrate its centennial in 2009.

June 2008
99th Annual SLA meeting June 13-18 in Seattle
It’s the 65th Anniversary of the Transportation Division! See our program here.
We have a record number of Transportation Division librarians attending this year’s GTRIC meeting, including 15 representatives from the pooled fund.

Mn/DOT Library Accolades in MinnPost.com
Who knew? Mn/DOT Library is little-known gem
Kudos to Sheila Hatchell, Jerry Baldwin, Jim Byerly, and Qin Tang!

June 5 Site Visit to Caltrans
Maggie visited with Susan Haake and her staff in Sacramento.

May 2008
April issues of Kaleidoscope
The April issue of the SLA Transportation Division newsletter is out – be sure to check out your study partners’ contributions and SLA GTRIC event listings!

April 2008
library week
The pooled fund member libraries are celebrating National Library Week with contests, drawings, giveaways, and education initiatives in their departments.

MODOT 2008 Innovative Researcher Achievement Award Goes to Library Development Project
Congratulations to Librarian Danielle Pollock!

See Librarian Hank Zaletel on KCCI Channel 8 in Des Moines for “A Look Back at Iowa’s Rough Roads”

March 2008
Library 2.0 @LTRC
Librarian Sandy Brady has incorporated chat into the LTRC Library web site, and she’s
blogging. Check out more new photos of the LTRC library on Flickr. Sandy is reaching out to the library’s customers using Library 2.0 applications. Visit the links to keep up-to-date on her progress. (You’ll be impressed!)

“Fast Lanes on the Transportation Information Superhighway: Tips for Efficient, Comprehensive Internet Research”, a fantastic Webinar hosted by TRB on Wednesday, February 27, 2008. Bonnie Osif (Penn State) and Barbara Post (TRB) presented.

February 2008
The LTRC TTEC Library is taking shape. Check in on new librarian Sandy Brady’s progress in starting this library from scratch via her slideshow on Flickr.

January 2008
Welcome NYSDOT! The pooled fund study is pleased to have New York State Department of Transportation as our newest member.

Transportation Librarian's Toolkit. This new publication, a product of the pooled fund study, offers comprehensive guidance to librarians who are serving customers in state departments of transportation. The Toolkit draws heavily on the experience and wisdom of pooled fund members as it provides detailed information in seven key areas:

December 2007
New Work Plan for 2008. The Technical Oversight Committee has approved a 10-point consultant work plan for 2008, encompassing technical services, promotion of the value of transportation libraries, workshops and information sharing. The work plan includes cooperative efforts with many other organizations and individuals with a similar vision, particularly in the US DOT and state DOTS across the country.

September 2007
Annual Meeting and Conference. This Madison event, with attendance by seven new pooled fund members, featured in-person and Web presentations, sharing of best practices and a tour of WisDOT's new iCommons. The repeated theme of the meeting was that momentum is being achieved, among the members of the pooled fund and beyond, in demonstrating the value of library and information services to the transportation community. Plans are already under way for the next annual meeting and conference to be hosted by the Louisiana Transportation Research Center.