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Promotion Resources

Communicating the power of library services to internal DOT customers and management requires daily effort. On this page we show examples of effective communication products and strategies. We are looking for more examples from more states. Send examples of your promotion and communication products to maggie.sacco@ctcandassociates.com for inclusion on this page.

Also, contact Maggie for assistance in creating new products for your library. A strategic planning workshop on promoting your library and other important topics will be held in conjunction with the Transportation Library Connectivity annual meeting in September 2008.

Brochures, posters and bookmarks
Internal Articles
External Articles

Brochures, posters and bookmarks

Attractive, informative pieces can help spread the word about your DOT library services. Your customers will then be your greatest promoters.

From Iowa DOT
Library brochure
Archives brochure

From the Louisiana Transportation Research Center
Transportation Training and Education Center

From the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network
MTKN Making Connections

From Minnesota DOT
Local Access – Global Reach (outside)
Local Access – Global Reach (inside)
Discover the World at Your Library
MnDOT TKN Map 2009
MnDOT Llibrary 52nd Anniversary Poster

MnDOT Giveaway - Back Scratcher Design
MNDOT Library Staff Statistic Facts in 2008
MnDOT Library Global Partners Graphic
MnDOT National Library Week and Earth Day Green Initiatives
MnDOT 2009 National Library Week Press Release
MnDOT 2009 National Library Week photo
MnDOT National Library Week 2009 photo

From Montana DOT
Find It @ your MDOT Library

From Washington State DOT
Managing Knowledge at WSDOT

From Wisconsin DOT
WisDOT Library iCommons (brochure)
WisDOT Library iCommons (bookmark)
Transportation in the Information Age


Internal articles

State DOT public affairs or communications offices all have internal newsletters and would love to have a story every couple of weeks about your DOT library services. For example, spotlight the quick search services you offer and quote satisfied customers from the planning, design, construction, operations or maintenance groups in your agency.

From Minnesota DOT
Mn/DOT Library celebrates 45 years of service
Mn/DOT 50th Anniversary Celebration

From Montana DOT
Library Corner (2007 Fall)
Library Corner (2007 Summer)
Library Corner (2007 Spring)
Library Corner (2007 Winter)

From Wisconsin DOT
Library and iCommons grand opening (April 2007)
In the Library (October 2007)

External articles

Articles in Librarian newsletters raise the visibility of transportation libraries. We will continue to contribute the kinds of articles linked below but will also submit articles about the value of libraries and information services to more general transportation periodicals read by DOT practitioners and top-level managers. See objective 3 in our 2008 Work Plan.

Special Libraries Association Kaleidoscope Newsletter
Library Pooled Fund Study holds annual meeting in Madison (October 2007)
Library Pooled Fund Study holds annual meeting in St. Paul (October 2006)
MTKN holds annual meeting in Evanston (October 2006)

SLA Wisconsin Chapter SLANT Newsletter
WisDOT launches an Information Commons (Spring 2007)


In these days of streaming media, videos are easier to produce than you might imagine. Make friends with the video people in your agency and promote your library’s services with vivid examples of how staff at your DOT can save time finding technical information by using your services.

WisDOT Library
Transportation in the Information Age (courtesy of WisDOT)
Mn/DOT Library

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