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Special Projects Funded through Library Connectivity

TKN Resource Sharing Pilot Project

Completed 11/29/10 - Final Report
When a transportation library belongs to a sharing network, more people find the information they need, loan requests are distributed more evenly across multiple libraries, and all libraries involved realize increased collection use. Increased resource sharing through formalized library-to-library sharing arrangements is one reason regional transportation knowledge networks (TKNs) formed. The NTL and leaders of the regional TKNs seek to elevate the state of the practice of resource sharing through automated software, documented procedures, and more formalized communication among participants. The regional TKNs are thus engaging in their first national TKN project, forming a National Resource Sharing Network of nearly 50 transportation libraries and information centers.

G3 Expansion Pilot

Completed 12/15/09 - Final Report
The Institute of Transportation Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley opened its Going, Going, Gone (G3) surplus print publications clearinghouse to all TKN members free of charge through funding provided by TPF-5(105). Publications include technical reports from state DOTs, UTCs, and federal agencies; manuals and handbooks; and checklists. Surplus materials are routinely distributed in an ad hoc fashion on the SLA Transportation Division listserv, TRANLIB. The G3 pilot served as the closest thing to a true clearinghouse that the community has seen.

Transfer of Historical ASTM Standards, 1939-1999, from Washington State Library to FHWA Library at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center Library

Completed 12/10/09 - Please contact Maggie Sacco for a copy of the Final Report
TPF-5(105) partnered with the Washington State Library and the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center to preserve historical ASTM standards volumes (1939-1999) that were being withdrawn by the Washington State Library. Pooled fund member Kathy Szolomayer of the Washington State DOT library submitted this as a special project for the pooled fund. Many thanks to Kathy for organizing and facilitating the shipment of volumes across the country, to Rebecca Christie at the Washington State DOT Materials Lab Library for alerting us to the need to preserve the standards, and to Jennifer Boteler and her staff at FHWA for cataloging (OCLC) and making the standards available to the transportation community.

Marketing & Management Effectiveness Webinar/Report Series – Summer 2008

Outsell, Inc. will provide two to five relevant reports and a one-hour Webinar on the topics below.

Facilitated Workshop on Strategic Planning and Return on Investment at the Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, October 22, 2008.

Outsell, Inc. will provide a half-day workshop on Library Strategic Planning and ROI for onsite and Webinar attendees. The workshop will include an in-depth presentation, strategic assessment toolkit and facilitation of group discussion. Participants will learn about proven strategies, exchange best practices and create individual action plans they can put to work at their agencies.