As a member of the study, based on its level of financial contribution, each organization (and/or their designee) will receive the a number of cumulative benefits. Members are granted flexibility in determining these benefits, but they generally will be as follows:

Supporting Members (at $5,000 to $9,999 per year)

  • Participation in quarterly TAC teleconferences.
  • Travel and accommodations for one professional development meeting or workshop per year.
  • Authority to propose, and cast a vote on, library/information research projects as well as the annual work plan.

Associate Members (at $10,000 to $14,999 per year)

  • All the benefits of a Supporting Member.
  • Apply a portion of their contribution to OCLC subscriptions.
  • Eligible for short-term technical and administrative support as well as internal staff research training sessions.

Full Members (at $15,000 or more per year)

  • All the benefits of an Associate Member.
  • Travel and accommodations for an additional professional development meeting or workshop.
  • The option to increase travel and OCLC allotments using contributions exceeding the minimum threshold.

In relation to the benefits outlined above, members at each level can choose to decline OCLC or travel benefits in lieu of using their contribution for an identified project of their choosing.

For Members

A number of special resources and tools are available for members. Also provided are items from previous training events. All of these can be accessed in our members only section using the password provided upon registration.