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To create a link with an Alias

You may want to use an "alias" for a link to a page in this wiki when your wiki page title uses a related subject, or all initial capital letters, rather than the lower case that is in the text of a document.

To use a real example from our page OSTP memo "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research"

The phrase "scientific research" appears in the first sentence of the Policy Principle. But our glossary page is called "Scientific Research." Because the wiki creates links based on exactly what it sees (in most cases), our link should also be capitalized. However, we cannot do this, as it introduces errors into the text of document. We there for create an alias within the wiki code.

Insert this code into your text when you wish create a link to a page that is spelled differently or closely related:

[[Wiki page alias|phrase]]

Or to use our real example: [[Scientific Research|scientific research]]

This is how it works: scientific research

If you hover your cursor over the blue link, you can see the target page, spelled with all caps.

What is important is that things are in the right order: 2 opening square brackets, the Alias, the pipe, the phrase, 2 closing square brackets.

The Pipe, or |, is on the same key as \, just above enter or return.

Caveat: if your wiki page has only 1 word in the title, the wiki software should automatically link to it, whether the word is capitalized in the text or not. Such as data or Data, they go to the same location and the wiki create the links automagically.