Digitization Process -- Step-By-Step Overview and Lessons Learned

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This page is intended to serve as a starting point when thinking about digitization of agency or library materials. Each section can be used as a checklist for a comprehensive review of the setps in a digitization project. Processes and procedures specific to your organization may impact the decisions made or the steps added to those listed below.

If you have any suggestions for items steps to be added to this listing, please leave us a comment.



  • scoping
  • copyright
  • public access
  • final delivery (for use, e.g., an online exhibition, and preservation)


  • costs


  • general description of content
  • costs

File Naming

  • unique identifiers
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)
  • costs


  • in-house or outsourcing?
  • equipment
  • Preservation Copies vs. Use or Access Copies
  • post-processing
  • accessibility
  • linking to and/or embedding metadata
  • costs


  • use
  • linking with other repositories and transportation tools
  • promotion and marketing
  • long-term preservation
  • distribution via removable media (thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • costs