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Having solid metadata is essential to preserving information about the digital object, and displaying it correctly. The three types of metadata relevant to digitization projects are descriptive, administrative, and structural. Descriptive metadata contains information about the object's content, including title, author, notes, etc., used for discovery of the digital object. Administrative metadata contains information that will aid in management and preservation, including the file type, when it was created, etc. Structural metadata is the data describing how the object is displayed in a digital environment.


General best practices and guidelines

  • A chart exhibiting differences between Structural, Descriptive, and Administrative Metadata
  • Metadata University of North Texas Digital Projects Unit

Sample institutional metadata standards

Library of Congress

Other standards

  • Tony Gill, Anne J. Gilliland, Maureen Whalen, and Mary S. Woodley, Introduction to Metadata, Edited by Murtha Baca, Getty Museum

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