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Toolkit Contents

Digitization Process -- Step-By-Step Overview and Lessons Learned

General Resources

Example Digitization Projects

Transportation Digitization Plans

Metadata Standards

File Naming

Technology Options

Professional Development



This toolkit is designed to be a starting point for transportation librarians who are planning a digitization project. Resources included in the toolkit range from general information about digitization and sample projects to actual plans, standards, equipment options, and other project aspects to consider before beginning. The resources contained herein are not exhaustive, but will provide a solid basis for those who have never completed such a project before. The NTKN Digitization Working Group does not endorse any vendor or product mentioned in the toolkit.

If you have any suggestions for items or resources to be added to this toolkit, please leave us a comment.

Who We Are

The National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN) Digitization Working Group is a cross-cutting subgroup focused on digitization efforts to improve access to transportation information and equipping the community with tools to uncover hidden collections.

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Project Contributors:

John Cherney, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Alicia Kehrig, formerly of Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Patricia Kirkwood, University of Arkansas

Louise Rosenzweig, University of Texas

Mary Ellen Tucker, formerly of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Highway Safety Research Center

Jess Wallis, National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP)

Amanda J. Wilson, National Transportation Library

Digitization in the U.S. Transportation Community

The National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN) Digitization Working Group scanned the community for existing practices and needs related to digitization for the U.S. transportation Community. View the webinar summarizing the results of the survey.