A library is a place for learning. However, many people are unaware of the great services it can provide. If you want to learn more about libraries and librarians, then here are some books that we recommend.

Foundations of Library and Information Science by Richard E. Rubin

This is an introductory textbook that is taught in many colleges. Here you will learn about the history of libraries and their meaning in today’s world. You will know how library science has evolved over the years.

This Book Is Overdue! By – Marilyn Johnson

If you are a librarian, then you will find this book useful. Here you will learn how to include technology in the library. You will get a picture of how libraries can be connected using technology for accessing more resources. The friendly and humorous tone of the book is loved by the readers.

The Portable MLIS by Ken Haycock

In this book, you will get advice from the key professionals in this field. Whether you are new or experienced in library science, this book is for you. By reading this book, you will understand the role of a librarian.

Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger

Here you will know about the library but in the context of digital information. You will know how websites are organized, and the way catalog information is stored, and more. You will know how the internet has affected the library.

Developing Library and Information Centre by G. Edward Evans

This book tells how librarians use modern technology to make a comprehensive collection in the library. You will know about the laws of resource sharing, electronic materials, and more.

Making The Library Accessible for All by Jane Vincent

Libraries should make information accessible to people. However, accessibility has become an issue today. Here you will read about website accessibility guidelines, library training, and more.

These books are a good read for those who are interested in libraries. You will learn many things about libraries, their services, and their importance from these books. The books are not only meant for the librarians but also for those who are just enthusiastic about knowing the functions of libraries.